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Text Box: Welcome to Arnold Acres Family Farm.

Thank you for visiting our site.
We are a small family-operated hobby farm

What is new:
Last year a predator wiped out most of our new generation of chickens.
This year we will not be hatching our own chickens.
We have no point of lay pullets available this fall.

We are taking this as an oportunity to try out different breeds of chicken, and so this year we will be raising five breeds of chicken that we have never raised before, about 25 chickens total.
The different breeds of chicken that we are giving a try this year are:

Silver Laced Wyandotte: A dual purpose breed which lays medium to large brown eggs

Cuckoo Maran: A dual purpose breed very similar in apearance to the Barred Plymouth Rock which lay meduim to large dark brown eggs

Ameraucana: Also known as Easter Egg Chicken, which lay blue/green colored eggs

Welsummer: A dual purpose breed which lays medium to large dark reddish brown eggs

Black Australorp: A larger dual purpose breed which lays meduim to large brown eggs

We have fresh eggs available to local buyers

Feel free to contact us at:
(207) 689-5649
Or at:

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